Self-Storage May be Necessary when Considering Different Apartments in Newnan

Moving from a home to an apartment can be a major transition. Most Apartments in Newnan are smaller than the average house, which means there might not be room for some of the stuff being moved. While it’s possible to reduce the number of items a person has by having a garage sale, there are sure to be things that they want to keep. For example, family heirlooms, holiday decorations or big furniture. When this is the case, renting a storage space may be necessary.

One of the first things that someone will want to do is determine what kind of storage space they need. There are climate controlled spaces as well as general garage-style space.

Climate controlled is ideal if wood furniture is being stored, as it can be greatly impacted by humidity and changing temperatures. Climate controlled units are also appropriate when storing art or wine.

General household items, such as a fridge, sofa or holiday decorations probably don’t need to be store in a climate controlled unit. Since they are more expensive than a regular unit, it’s important to only choose climate controlled if it’s necessary for the safety of the items being stored.

The next thing to consider is the size of the storage space. Mini storage spaces, which are about 5′ X 10′ are great for just a few items. This is a good option if all that needs to be stored are holiday decorations or a couple of dressers. Self-storage units can be as large as 20′ X 30′, which will accommodate a vehicle or all of the items from a home. Knowing how much space is needed is important because the more space that is rented, the more expensive the rental will be.

Some storage companies also have Apartments in Newnan for rent as well. Using the same source for both of these needs is convenient and might lead to discounts in the future, so it’s something to consider.

Whether you run a business or you need more space in your home, storage units are a great option. If you want to work with a reputable locally owned company with plenty of self-storage as well as apartment and office rental options, then Click here now.

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