Selection Criteria For Industrial Valves

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Industrial

There are many different options in valves used throughout all types of refineries, processing facilities, distilleries and industrial applications where fluids, slurries, steam or gas is transported through a system.

Choosing the right type of industrial valves can be difficult for many applications, particularly when there is more than one option. By choosing a top industrial supply company with extensive experience in providing components and parts to industrial contractors, companies can benefit from this expertise in making the right selection.

Before contacting the industrial supply service, it will be important to know some basic facts about the system or application. This will allow the experts to provide precise and accurate options in industrial valves that are ideally suited to this particular project. Choosing valves on what was used on a previous project, unless it is an identical set of variables, is never the best option.

System Temperature and Pressure

When considering the system temperature, it is important to know the full range of possible temperatures. A common mistake is to use the average temperature of the liquid, gas or semi-solid that is in the system.

The problem with this approach is that the average temperature may fall into the approved range of the industrial valves, but the highest possible temperature or the lowest will likely fall out of the range.

This can result in problems at the extreme ends. Depending on the material that makes up the valve this could lead to cracking, lower life cycles, leaking or valve failure.

The same is true for pressure in the system. Don’t consider just the average, but look at the two extreme ends to find the right valve for the job. Pressure is even more critical as valves will not operate effectively outside of the rated pressure range.

Type of Valve

When it comes to the type of valve, you will need to know if it will be manually or automatically operated. This will make a difference on both the valve options as well as the price.

From there, the industrial valve supplier will be able to make recommendations as to the various valve types and options. They should also be able to provide you with any possible issues or concerns in using a specific valve for the project, which is extremely helpful in making the best choice.

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