How Professionals Deal With Carpenter Ants in Jackson NJ

There could be as many as thirty million distinct species of insects worldwide, with the vast majority of these still waiting to be identified. Of the many species that are known, relatively few impact the lives of human beings in any significant way.

At the same time, insects that are of importance to people can be devastating. In addition to harming individuals directly, certain types of insects can cause huge amounts of financial harm. When it comes to Carpenter Ants Jackson NJ homeowners, for example, always do well to remain on the lookout.

Destructive and Dangerous But Possible to Control

Just like the termites that many homeowners already fear, carpenter ants can damage wooden structures to the point of rendering them uninhabitable. While termites actually digest wood for sustenance, though, carpenter ants burrow into such materials for other reasons entirely.

The nests that carpenter ants build by eating away at wood serve to protect them very well, in most cases. At the same time, the weakening that results often means that a formerly sound home can become a dangerous place to live. As a result, it will always be helpful to remain alert to the possibility of an infestation and to take appropriate measures when necessary.

Baiting, Spraying, and Repair

Fortunately, the experts at controlling Carpenter Ants Jackson NJ residents turn to for help have effective means of responding. In many cases, an infestation of ants will be addressed through a three-fold process that will ensure the creatures will be dealt with permanently:


•can be used to draw ants out from their nests and other hiding places by creating tempting targets that they cannot resist. With many of the most advanced baits being able to wipe out entire colonies, even a single success can translate into significant progress.


•can target ant populations either directly or in indirect fashion. A direct hit on a colony can destroy in, while simply putting down spray in places where ants will later travel can sometimes achieve the same effect.


•involves the use of foam to repair the voids and crevices that ants have previously created. Without having nests ready for their use, they will be less likely to return.

Browse Site resources that detail such options and it will be clear that carpenter ants can be controlled. Given the stakes involved, being ready to respond can never hurt.

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