3 Tips For Buying Galvanized Pipe Fittings

by | May 23, 2018 | Industrial

Galvanized pipe and pipe fittings are an effective, long-lasting and low-cost option for many types of plumbing system requirements. It is also a material of choice for refineries, HVAC systems, water treatment and distribution as well as agriculture and processing industries.

With the lightweight of galvanized pipe and pipe fittings combined with high corrosion resistance and long-life cycles, it can be a top consideration for any project. Keep in mind, galvanizing can be completed on different alloys and steels to incorporate the characteristics needed for the specific application.

When buying galvanized pipe fittings, there are three important factors to keep in mind. Doing a bit of research before placing the order will be essential in choosing the quality of fittings needed as well as the best supplier.

Buy From One Supplier

Ideally, plan to purchase all pipe and galvanized pipe fittings from the same supplier. This is important as different manufacturers, and even pipe imported from different countries is not always produced with quality control in mind.

By choosing a top supplier bringing in materials from the best manufacturers, the fittings and the pipe will be easier to work with, and issues with joints and connections between pipe and fitting will not become an issue.

Consider Order Volume and Supplier Inventory

Many general industrial suppliers have limited on-hand inventory. This can make it very difficult for these companies to provide JIT or large volume orders with short turnaround times and with on-time delivery.

Talk to the supplier about the need for galvanized pipe fittings for the project well in advance of placing the order. It is also important to talk to customer service and to find out the company’s delivery record before making them your pipe, valve and fitting supplier.

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