Scratch the T-shirts and Baseball Caps Off Your Marketing Plan

Open your mind just a bit before you keep reading. You are going to remove the personalized T-shirts and baseball caps from your marketing strategy. Why? Because they have been done repeatedly. It doesn’t matter if your tees look really cool and the baseball caps are a bright whatever color you choose. This has been done. Think wholesale umbrellas. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Advertising to the Masses

An umbrella is used outdoors in inclement weather, which means people see it. This is a fantastic way to advertise to the masses. You’ve seen pictures and news reports of millions of people shuffling around New York City in the rain and every single one of them is carrying an umbrella.

You don’t have to be in The Big Apple to take advantage of this marketing outreach. Even if you operate your business in small town, when someone opens up an umbrella canopy with your name and logo on it, other people see it. No streets are empty all the time.

Affordable Marketing

In many cases, you’ll spend less on your personalized bumper shoots than you will on the tees and caps. Wholesale umbrellas can be ordered in bulk, even if you plan to customize them, and this makes them affordable. The more you buy, the less they cost per piece.

You needn’t worry about sacrificing quality by ordering in bulk. The best umbrellas have a large canopy that is vented or double-layered to resist flipping in the wind. They also have comfortable grips and a solid or two-part shaft only. Look for this when placing your order.

Gifts that Pay You Back

You have the option of selling these umbrellas to your customers but your better bet would be to give them away. Use them in your next promotion, or send them to everyone on your customer list for the holidays. People will appreciate the unique present, and better yet…

They Will Use Them

Everyone needs an umbrella, especially if they live in an area in the U.S. that sees a lot of rain and snow. People may wear your T-shirt occasionally, and they may wear your baseball cap when they’re working out, but they’ll use your umbrella every time it rains. If your business is in Seattle, you’ve really scored.

This is what makes wholesale umbrellas a better marketing tool than tees or caps. They come in handy when people need something the most, so the percentage of customers advertising your business through the umbrellas is much higher than other marketing gifts. You may have laughed at the beginning of this article, but you can see now how effective this strategy might be.

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