Different Options for Elderly Care from Home

As people get older and retire from work, the question of what kind of elderly care in Essex County, NJ is best is bound to arise. There are many options available; some traditional and some new and evolving. It is important to research the different options available for your specific case before deciding. Should one move or stay and where to? If the decision has been made to receive care from home, rather than move to a specialized elderly facility, there are still different options to explore.

Care and assistance can be provided at the individual’s home by home-based caregivers. There are many providers of elderly care in Essex County, NJ who specialize in giving in-house services. Such assistance can include assistance with daily tasks like personal hygiene, cooking, basic cleaning and help with recalling medical and other types of appointments. This type of care allows the elderly person to remain in their own home and not have to move to an unfamiliar environment. Depending on the needs of the person, the care can take different forms.

24 Hour Assistance

If the person requires a lot of assistance, 24-hour care is a very viable option. An elderly care company can provide caring and professional staff throughout the day and even through the night shift. However, if the person only needs daytime care, then a caregiver can be provided for a few hours only.

Respite Care

If 24-hour care is not needed because there is an existing caregiver such as a family member, respite care is an option provided by many elderly care providers. This affords the regular caregiver some time off. You can expect a caring and friendly caregiver to assistance needed, as well as providing company as required.

Depending on the person—whether they are semi-independent and need only occasional help, or they require 24-hour care, or have an existing caregiver requiring temporary alleviation—elderly care providers can work with you to create the best suited care plan. Visit Visiting Angels for more information.

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