Sand Blasting in CT Is Important in Monument Creation and Cleaning

Families want to place monuments on a loved one’s grave site to remember and honor the special place the man or woman held in the family. Choosing a monument to indicate the name of the deceased, his or her life span and any special remembrances or sayings is something families take very seriously. A well-designed monument can reflect the important factors in a loved one’s life with the help of favorite sayings or artwork that represents special places or things. Shelley Bros Inc offers granite monuments using Sand Blasting in CT to provide effective marking at the grave site marker.

Sand blasting has replaced the once time-consuming job of chiseling a name, dates and other information onto a monument’s polished granite surface. This technique uncovers the unpolished stone under the polished surface to provide a contrasting appearance based on the depth of the letters or designs created for the monument. Today’s sand blasting techniques use computer-aided design (CAD) software as well as automated computer numerical control (CNC) machines to create the lettering and designs that will be placed on a monument. Once the machine work has been completed, experts finish the chiseling process by hand. Letters, numbers, and designs can range from basic to ornate examples thanks to today’s automated processes.

As monuments, headstones and other memorials age, they naturally get dirty and discolored. Since they are exposed to various weather conditions, it’s not unusual to see mold or fungus growing on a monument that hasn’t cleaned. Hard water stains are also a problem for stone monuments. Granite and similar types of stone will last for decades if not centuries, but the lettering and designs will eventually begin to wear down. Cleaning and refurbishing monuments by sand blasting them is an effective way to restore them as much as possible to their original beauty.

Ordering a monument can be a stressful time for a family who has just lost a loved one. A company that offers memorials featuring Sand Blasting in CT will help anyone who needs to choose the type of stone, the lettering and design and the monument’s size. A monument company is also prepared to use sand blasting to add a death date to a monument when a spouse dies later. Working with a reputable monument company can make the process much easier.

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