Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Using a Lift With Patients in Dallas

It can sometimes be difficult moving patients whether they are in a hospital, nursing home, or at home. A lift is beneficial to have and is usually available in most medical facilities. However, you need to know how to properly use the lift to avoid injuries to the patient and the operator.


Before using a patient lift in Dallas, you need to take the proper training courses so that you know how to operate the device and where it should be used. During the courses you take, you’ll learn about the different types of slings that can be used as well as how to position your body while lifting and transferring.

Check the Sling

Examine the sling before using it with patients. Make sure there are no tears and that the sling has the proper support for all patients. When you use a patient lift in Dallas, you want to make sure the sling doesn’t have seams that appear frayed. You also want to make sure the sling securely fits on the lift.

Patient Care

When you put the patient in the sling, you need to make sure the person is calm and understands what you’re doing. The sling should fit securely around the patient before you secure buckles and latches. Arms need to be kept in the sling during the transfer with the lift. Try not to bend with your back while moving the patient. Instead, use the muscles in your legs so that you have the most support while working with the patient and the lift.

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