Why Dental Implants in Charleston, SC Are Popular

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Charleston, SC dentists often recommend implants for patients who have missing teeth. Dental implants in Charleston, SC are popular because they offer a quick way to improve smiles. They are comfortable and offer permanent answers for those with periodontal disease or faces that are changing shape due to lost teeth. In addition, professionals like Tatum Dentistry offer sedation that makes the process painless. The best practices also make work as convenient and affordable as possible.

Implants Offer a Range of Benefits

Dentists often suggest Dental implants in Charleston, SC when patients want replacements that look natural. Today’s technology allows dentists to match original teeth in size, shape, and color. Because implants are placed into the bone, they can last a lifetime, unlike bridges. Since they also fit naturally, patients are more comfortable speaking and eating. Replacements do not slip, so they never have to be repositioned the way dentures do. Implants also protect bone and help patients retain their facial shapes. They never have to be taken out and are cared for the same way that natural teeth are. Implants also have no damaging effect on remaining natural teeth.

Procedures Can Be Comfortable

Fine dental practices can provide patients with implants and still keep them comfortable. That is why so many local residents research sites like when they need replacement teeth. Online contact information can put them in touch with dental professionals who offer sedation. For example, Dr. Tatum & Dr. Granger provides IV sedation and offers nitrous oxide. IV sedation is administered by a professional anesthesiologist.

Dental Practices Work Around Patients’ Needs

Established dentists offering implants try to make appointments as convenient as possible for patients. Many offer weekend and after hours appointments and all of them provide emergency services. They also help make implants affordable. In addition to accepting many types of insurance, dental practices may provide interest-free financing options.

Patients in Charleston, SC rely on local dentists for implants that can replace lost teeth and build new smiles. Implants also offer a range of health benefits and make eating, chewing and socializing easier. Many area practices accommodate implant patients by offering sedation, convenient hours, and financing.

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