Safety And Beauty With An Epoxy Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Any type of food prep area from commercial kitchens to cafeterias, small eateries, diners or even exclusive high-end restaurants will find that getting the correct flooring is both a safety and a regulatory compliance requirement.

One very practical option to consider that will provide safety for workers while also meeting all USDA requirements for food prep and handling areas is epoxy commercial kitchen flooring. It will be important to compare different options offered by various manufacturers and to ensure a quality floor coating that is going to last.


While cost is always going to be a factor when choosing epoxy commercial kitchen flooring, there is an added benefit of choosing a more expensive but also a more durable product.

Look for a product that can stand up to equipment being moved across the surface, including kitchen equipment on stands or that have steel wheels. Low-cost and lower quality products can easily be dented and scratched, but the more durable products will stand up without looking worn and old.

When quartz chips are added to this epoxy flooring, the surface will be approximately 20 mils thick. This is much thicker than typical epoxy flooring, which further protects the underlying concrete from any damage due to accidents and heavy traffic. Additionally, with a non-skid surface, this is a safe choice for employees in areas where moisture, humidity, and steam can create a safety concern in a kitchen.

Application Time Factors

The kitchen will need to be closed for the application and to allow the flooring to cure, so it will be essential look for a manufacturer that offers short drying times. Typically, the shortest drying times for this type of durable epoxy commercial kitchen flooring will be about 12 to 14 hours, which dramatically reduces kitchen downtime.


To maintain the look and aesthetics of a commercial kitchen, choose an epoxy flooring that is designed for appearance, as well as durability in mind. The option to create a custom blend of quartz or chips in the flooring can take away the industrial look and provide a very classic style of flooring that has minimal maintenance requirements.

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