How To Choose The Best Real Estate in Downtown Vancouver, BC

When considering real estate in Downtown Vancouver, BC, it is important to take some factors into consideration. First, one must need to decide what type of dwelling he/she wants to live in. The choices are between an apartment, a townhouse, and a detached house. Then, one must decide how big that property should be in terms of square feet, as well as how many baths and beds it should have. Finally, one must decide upon the budget he/she has for this real estate in Downtown Vancouver, BC. Learn more about the factors and options below.

Downtown Vancouver, BC

Downtown Vancouver is the southeastern section of the northern-central part of the city of Vancouver. It encompasses both the Lower Mainland and Metro Vancouver regions, and it is known as main cultural, business, financial, entertainment, and commercial center. The area consists of about 1,448 square miles (3.75 square kilometers) that holds about 55,000 people. Many of the most historic buildings of this area are housed downtown, as are most of the city’s larger buildings.

Statistics of Real Estate in Downtown Vancouver, BC

Real estate here can cost as much as $12 million for a dwelling that has over 5,000 square feet, 5 beds, and 2 full and 4 partial baths. There are more moderately-priced buildings as well. For instance, for just under $1 million, a person can get a location of 956 square feet, 2 beds, and 2 full baths, though most of the real estate in Downtown Vancouver, BC in this price range often comes with far less space, just 1 bath, and 0-1 bedrooms at most.

Making a Choice

Input “real estate” and “Downtown Vancouver” into a search engine and note the many real estate company websites. Click on those sites and see their listings, along with beds, baths, square feet, and pricing. There are often many pictures (20+ in some cases) where one can see the inside of these dwellings, giving him/her greater insight into which real estate choice would be best for him/her.

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