Review the Turquoise Bracelets Featured at a Meditation Jewelry Store

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Jewelry

In the world of healing, the turquoise stone represents protection. In history, the stone was used by warriors going into combat. The bright and beautiful aqua color has been found in battle adornments of the Aztecs. The Aztecs believed the stone acted as a safeguard against negative energy. According to a legend in Persia, turquoise was believed to convey good luck when it was reflected in moonlight.

A Way to Heal the Heart

Due to its protective nature, turquoise is also thought to bring spiritual healing to the heart, a heart that has been affected by stress or sadness. The energizing vibrations of the stone are connected to the revitalizing qualities of water and air.

Therefore, turquoise bracelets featured at a meditation jewelry store are not only known for their beauty and vibrant color, they also are thought to have therapeutic benefits. Besides offering protection, turquoise is also linked with peace and tranquility. That is why wearers of turquoise bracelets incorporate the stone into their daily yoga routine.

A Way to Feel Less Stress

When you wear turquoise, you will always feel connected to the life-giving element of water. The eye-catching stone enhances the looks of clothes as well. Turquoise will lift your spirits and promote healing as well. According to meditation jewelry store retailers, the stone encourages well-being by revitalizing the chakra centers.

Consider a turquoise bracelet from a meditation jewelry store as a type of supplement for the heart and soul. Wearers of turquoise confess that they often feel a newfound sense of self-esteem. Therefore, consider a turquoise bracelet as you protectant, one that will safeguard and heal you as you meditate on the healing properties of the turquoise.

Indeed, turquoise is a legendary gem – its stunning blue and green hue goes back to the ancient Egyptians. At that time it was worn in amulets. Both Cleopatra and King Tut liked turquoise. Turquoise is also a gem that was considered sacred by Native Americans. No other crystal can promote the healing power of love as well as this gemstone.

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