Risks of Not Doing a Basement Waterproofing

The time to think about getting a basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC should be before a flood occurs, not after. You are exposing your house to significant risks by not having a professional waterproof your basement and crawl space. Play it safe, and always get this job done sooner rather than later.

Increased Likelihood of a Flood

One component Dry Otter Waterproofing does as part of a comprehensive plan is restructure how pipes work with your home. Drains are moved in such a way that rain water is moved away from your home instead of toward it.

Destruction of Property

It is not just the walls and foundation of your home that are at risk of being damaged from floodwater. Depending on what you keep in your basement, all those items can be damaged as well. If you use your basement to store family heirlooms or electronics, then you could soon find yourself in a sticky situation without great basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC.

Reduction in Overall Moisture Level

Even a small leak is enough to greatly increase the humidity levels in your house. This significantly affects your home’s insulation properties. It is going to feel a lot hotter during the summer months, and any paper objects will be damaged.

Formation of Mold

Mold thrives in wet environments. Prolonged exposure to mold can lead to respiratory issues and potentially even rashes if you are not careful. Mold also damages your home’s foundation, so you may need to undergo costly repairs to make your home safe and sound again.

If you want more than just a basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC, then you should also look into getting a sealed crawl space, crawl space repair or crawl space encapsulation. All of these are designed to make your home a healthy place to live, so get them for your home before something disastrous occurs.

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