Tips for Fall Cleanup in Broomfield CO

With Fall Cleanup Broomfield CO, homeowners can save all the effort of raking, mowing and pruning while ensuring their lawns are ready for winter. Preparing for colder weather is easy with the help of a company like Wards Lawn Service, and homeowners can help by following the tips below.

Do Some General Cleaning

Fall cleanup is about clearing debris before winter gets here. From fallen fruit to dried leaves, any organic matter can turn a yard into a breeding ground for pests if it’s not disposed of. Aside from general cleanup, a lawn maintenance company can perform fall aeration. When a lawn is properly aerated in the fall, plants can absorb optimal amounts of water and oxygen and make it through winter in good shape.

Start a Compost Heap

Compost is a great way to nourish the lawn while reducing waste. Simple compost is usually composed of green and brown wastes, and it takes almost four months to be ready for use. Aside from compost, a lawn care company can recommend other options such as soil testing and organic fertilizers.

Weed Out the Bad Stuff

Pre-winter weeding is a chore home owners are thankful for once spring arrives. This step ensures that customers can save energy and time on clearing old weeds from muddy soil. Lawn care pros can remove weeds quickly and easily with energy efficient weeding equipment.

Plant Winter Crops

Fall Cleanup in Broomfield CO can become more productive if home owners plant veggies that thrive during the winter months. Plants such as spinach, lettuce and mustard do well in winter. Simply plant the seeds after the lawn has been prepared, and enjoy fresh vegetables during the spring.

Consider a Lawn Maintenance Plan

While a great-looking lawn, home owners can be the envy of the neighborhood. However, most people live busy lifestyles, and lawn maintenance isn’t always a priority. Local landscaping companies can help customers keep their lawns looking great all year long. When they Visit the website to find a professional to help with pre-winter cleanup, a home owner can enjoy everything that makes the season great-;without having to worry about what’s coming in spring.

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