Reviewing The Effects Of Sexually-Based Offenses With A Criminal Defense Attorney In Naples

In Florida, sexually-based crimes present devastating effects on the victim. The offenses could also alter the lives of individuals who are wrongfully accused of the crimes. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Naples can explain the potential outcome of the cases and how the accusations affect the defendant in the future.

Must Register as a Sex Offender

After any defendant is convicted of a sexually-based offense, they are required to register as a sex offender. When the defendant is released, they must register in the county in which they intend to live. The defendant must also notify all individuals who live in the neighborhood or community after their registration.

How Does the Offense Affect the Defendant?

Once the individual is a registered sex offender, the defendant could face limitations when seeking employment. They aren’t allowed to work in industries in which children are involved. The individuals cannot live near schools, playgrounds, or parks. The conviction could also prevent the individual from becoming gainfully employed after they are released from prison.

Felony Charges for Sex Offenses

When seeking employment, it is more likely that the individual won’t have many job prospects. Employers conduct criminal background checks to determine if the applicant has any felony convictions on their record. The employers are within their rights to deny employment if the individual poses any risk to other employees or visitors that come to the location frequently.

Sex Offenses and Child Custody

Once an individual is convicted of a sexually-based crime, it is less likely for them to acquire child custody in a divorce case. If the victim was their child, the individual is stripped of their parental rights, and it is unlawful for them to have any further contact with the child.

In Florida, sexually-based crimes could lead to devastating effects for defendants. Even if they are not convicted, the listing of the charge could prevent the individual from acquiring employment and housing. If convicted, the individual must register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. Defendants who need help from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Naples contact Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. right now.

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