Reviewing The Different Types Of Oral Surgery In Mount Vernon, IL

In Illinois, select procedures aren’t performed by a general dentists. They require the expertise of an oral surgeon. General dentists provide their patients with a referral to visit an oral surgeon when these procedures are necessary. A local surgeon schedules Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL for these patients quickly.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions can become complex. Impacted wisdom teeth aren’t extracted in the same manner as other teeth. They require a surgeon to cut away the gum line and remove them. These conditions could attribute to severe pain and infections. The first step for the oral surgeon is to determine if an existing infection is present. They must treat these conditions before performing the surgery.

Root Canal Procedures

Root canal procedures are performed as a last resort to save a severely-damaged tooth. These teeth often produce severe pain due to an exposed nerve. The dentist addresses these conditions by performing surgery.

These procedures require the surgeon to open the tooth with a drill or laser. Next, the nerve and pulp are removed. The dentist cleans out any decay that has developed inside the tooth. Next, they inject a composite filling into the tooth and seal it. Select surgeons may install a crown to provide added protection for the tooth.

The Removal Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is also identified by an oral surgeon. The perform a biopsy of the gum tissue to make this assessment. Once the cancer is identified, they take measures to remove it. This could include the removal of a portion of the jaw when necessary.

Re-Positioning the Jaw

A surgeon re-positions the jaw through surgery. This is needed to provide a treatment for sleep apnea. In these cases, the condition is caused by displacement of the jaw that is blocking adequate airflow.

In Illinois, general dentists refer patients to an oral surgeon under certain conditions. These conditions require the surgeon to eliminate impacted wisdom teeth, correct the jaw, or remove diseases tissue or bone. Patients who need to undergo Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL should contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. to schedule an appointment now.

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