Finding First Class Packing and Crating Services in Austin

Securing precious cargo for moving and shipping is too important to trust to just anyone. Transporting any object, whether small and fragile or large and breakable, is not just a matter of shutting the piece up in a wooden box. An object has to be protected any possibility of damage due to a sudden shift during transport.

Antique vases have to be packed carefully, with soft straw or other type of packing material, in order to prevent breakage. Larger cargo, such as a motorcycle, a disassembled aircraft, or heavy-duty machinery, involves not only cushioning but also complete immobilization with framework and strapping. Machines with a large assembly of fragile working parts have to be delivered intact to their destination. This is especially true of industrial equipment meant for the factory floor or the oil field. Shipping crates for such jobs have to be custom built by experienced carpenters who are, in effect, constructing tiny buildings to house these items. They have to withstand lateral stresses, must be strong load-bearing structures, and externally solid enough to withstand impacts and keep the cargo within fully protected from damage.

Companies providing packing services in Austin are staffed with the carpenters, freight handlers, and transport drivers who can ensure the safe delivery of any item of fragile cargo large or small. The same care put into the packing of a mirror or Ming Vase is also put into the crating up of a stamping press or heavy duty hydraulic pump. In addition to building custom shipping crated, they also build cargo pallets solid enough to withstand two ton weights for both shipment and storage.

Beyond that, professional packing services in Austin also observe all safety protocols. These not only protect their own workers but ensure the item in question is fully secured. Proper construction eliminates any possibility of life-threatening accidents occurring at either end of the shipping process. The last thing the owner of a piece of heavy machinery needs is personal injury to himself or to one of the workers along the delivery chain which he might face liability for. As a result, the cargo crates built by these businesses use top-quality wood materials and conform to Department of Defense specifications for heavy duty shipping container design and construction. Visit the website to review the range of services offered by the packing service industry.

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