What is the time frame for Wrongful Death Cases?

Unlike other claims, wrongful death lawsuits operate by statute. That’s a different you’ll need to keep in mind. This means there are state legislatures that plaintiffs must strictly follow in order for a case to be successful. Failure to meet any of the requirements of a statute can lead to your case being dismissed from court.

Time Frame

Different states have different time frames. Depending on where you’ve filed the lawsuit, it could be anywhere from a year to three years. Do your research to make sure you’ve got time to file your claim.

If the time frame expires before you do, you won’t be allowed to pursue the case anymore, regardless of whether you truly have grounds or not. Also, if you fail to make a case within that time frame, if you fail to bring a suspect to court, you lose your chance of every apprehending the guilty parties anymore once the statute of limitation expires.

In some cases, the time clock starts from the moment of death, says Free Advice. However, in others, it runs from the time the cause of death was determined, which could be a few hours or days later.

Finding a Lawyer
So know what time frame you’re working under. To make sure the case receives the legal attention and assistance it needs, hire a competent wrongful death lawyer. This way, you’ll have the support and guidance of legal representation in court. If you want to make sure your loved one gets the best help possible, if you want to do everything you can to win the case and get the justice your family or friend deserves, hire legal help. Make sure you get someone who’s already had experience in dealing with your case. That’s going to be a definite advantage to you.

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