What Is Dental Bonding In Toronto And How It Is Beneficial?

In Connecticut, local dental patients need extraordinary measures to protect their teeth once damage sets in. Local dentists provide a variety of services to correct damage. These same services are used to enhance the appearance of the teeth as well. Dental Bonding in Toronto is among the dental services that provide dual advantages.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Bonding?

An ideal candidate for bonding should have healthy teeth. However, the process can provide restoration for moderate damage. It is not the same as reconstruction entirely. The patient’s teeth must be strong enough to support the resin used to complete the procedure. Teeth that are severely-brittle may require alternative measures.

How is the Procedure Performed?

First, the dentist removes any decay present in the affected tooth. Next, they apply the dental bonding material. In most cases, the material is a composite resins that is the same color as the teeth. It is filled into the tooth, and the dentist sands the material to achieve the preferred shape. Next, the dentist uses an ultraviolet lamp to cure the materials and secure them to the teeth.

What Factors Effect Bonding Services?

Dental bonding could provide beautiful teeth for up to ten years. However, the longevity is reduced based on how well the patient takes care of their teeth. For example, if they smoke or consume stain producing foods or beverages it could compromise the results. Smoking can cause immediate damage to dental bonding.

Is it Covered Under Insurance?

Dental bonding is covered under most major dental insurance policies. Bonding used for restoration or reconstructive purposes is covered more fully. Dental bonding that isn’t medically-necessary to protect the teeth is classified as cosmetic. This could result in a lower coverage level for the patient.

In Connecticut, local dental patients acquire a variety of services to restore their teeth. They utilize these opportunities to correct damage and to improve the overall look of the teeth. Dental bonding is among the procedures that is classified as both restorative and cosmetic. Patients who wish to acquire Dental Bonding Toronto should contact their preferred dental professional or Click Here for more information now.

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