Reviewing Details with a Guardianship Lawyer in Murrieta, CA

In California, guardianships provide a petitioner certain rights over the child or disabled adult. The assignments are available if the subject in question isn’t able to take care of themselves. The court allows the assignments for responsible parties after a home study and assessment. Reviewing the details with a guardianship lawyer in Murrieta, CA helps petitioners understand their rights in these cases.

What Is Guardianship?

A guardianship gives a guardian specific rights over a child or elderly person. The new guardian controls the senior or minor’s health care, financial assets, and makes decisions about their well-being. The assignment isn’t the same as an adoption, where the individual becomes the child’s legal parent.

Removal of a Child from Their Home

Child protective services remove the child from their home once caseworkers substantiate allegations of abuse. The caseworkers create a plan for the child and determine who provides care for the child. Typically, the arrangements are foster care, a guardianship, or legal adoption.

Attending the Hearing

The social system conducts a hearing in court and establishes the legal living arrangements for the child. Any party that wants to become a guardian must attend the hearing and provide valid reasons for why they believe they would make a suitable guardian for the child. The court doesn’t require the individual to be related to the child to secure guardianship. However, a biological link increases the odds of court approval.

Fulfilling the Responsibilities of Being a Guardian

The responsibilities of being a guardian include providing the child with a home and medical care. A caseworker visits the home and re-evaluates the living situation periodically. The court also entitles the guardian to decide when the child can get married, get their driver’s license, and where they attend school.

In California, guardianship assignments allow one individual or a couple to make decisions about a minor or disabled adult. The assignments require a petition filed through the court and for the petitioner to attend a hearing. Petitioners who want to secure a guardianship can contact a guardianship lawyer in Murrieta, CA through the Law Office of Michelle Penna or visit website right now.

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