Diesel Fumes Respiratory Disorders

Clean burning diesel engines aren’t generally available for heavy equipment operators, truckers, mine workers, agricultural workers, underground construction workers, railroad employees and more than a million other workers in transportation, construction and the trades. No matter what their jobs are, one of the common risks that they all endure is exposure to diesel exhaust fumes. Those fumes contain carbon compounds, and substances that are linked to hydrocarbons that cause cancer. If you are regularly exposed to diesel fumes, you’re at risk for health conditions that range from respiratory irritation to irreversible respiratory diseases that include cancer.

Diesel fuel is dirty fuel, and if you’re around it for long enough, you’re likely to suffer its health consequences. Just some of the harmful substances that diesel fumes contain include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, benzene and formaldehyde. Particulate matter from diesel emissions is so fine that it’s deposited into the lungs after breathing it. With enough of that particulate matter, respiratory issues are going to arise. You’ll want to speak with a diesel fumes lawyer here at Diesel Injury Law.

You need to be aware of the possible health hazards involving diesel fumes if you work around them. Long-term exposure to them can cause significant respiratory disorders. If your respiratory symptoms subside when you’re away from diesel equipment, that’s a signal that your symptoms are probably caused by of your job.

If you suspect that you have developed a respiratory or other disorder that was caused by breathing diesel fumes, contact a diesel fumes lawyer at Diesel Injury Law right away to arrange for a free consultation and case review. You’ll be able to tell us about how diesel fumes have affected you, and we’ll be able to answer your questions. After that, we’ll be pleased to advise you on all of your legal options.

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