3 Good Reasons to Talk With a Child Custody Lawyer

While a marriage may end, the right of children to have connections with both parents remains. Ideally, the child support arrangements will work fine until the child reaches adulthood. If something happens along the way, advice from a child support lawyer in Rockford, IL will be in order. Call if any of the following three events are happening.

You’re Not Receiving Child Support Payments

Non-custodial parents are often ordered to provide financial support that will help the custodial parent take care of the child. When those payments are not arriving, that can create hardship and prevent the child from receiving what he or she needs. In many instances, the intervention of a child support lawyer in Rockford, IL is enough to convince the non-custodial parent that catching up on late payments and remaining current is in the best interests of everyone concerned.

You’re Denied Visitation

When the custodial parent chooses to deny visitation rights to the non-custodial parent, that affects the child as well. A lawyer can take steps to urge the custodial parent to comply with the visitation schedule. If there is no change and no response, the lawyer can file motions with the family court, which may lead to some changes to the custody agreement.

You Suspect That Your Child is Being Abused

Something has changed and your child seems unhappy. There are some signs of verbal and possibly physical abuse. Talking with a child support lawyer in Rockford, IL about those concerns is a good idea. You will learn more about how to gather evidence that abuse is taking place and what legal steps you can take as the non-custodial parent. That includes seeking full custody if the evidence is strong and if your child expresses a desire to live with you instead.

Are you having difficulties with a child custody arrangement? The team at the Crosby Law Firm can help. Call us today or visit our website to request an appointment. We’ll evaluate your case and provide suggestions on how to proceed.

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