Contacting a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Queens County, NY

Unfortunately, there are times when people falsify injuries in an attempt to collect compensation from business owners. When someone claims they became hurt due to falling inside a business’ property, owners must contact a slip and fall lawyer in Queens County, NY if there is a reason to believe that the incident was faked in an attempt get money. Here are some steps to take to increase the chance of a positive result in a court of law when a slip and fall incident is claimed by someone who visited a business’ property.

Get Photographic or Video Evidence

Most businesses have surveillance cameras present to capture footage of those on the property for safety and security reasons. Even if there was no camera present where the fall supposedly occurred, the person who fell might have walked through other areas of the property. They may be seen casing out the grounds to find the perfect spot to pretend to fall. Check with neighboring businesses to see if this person was seen on their premises as well.

Find Out If There Were Any Witnesses

Other people who were on the property at the time of the incident may have witnessed something that proves the person pretended to get hurt. Someone may have seen the person looking for a spot to perform their act or they may have been seen placing something on the floor or ground themselves to make it appear as if they had fallen because of its presence.

Get the Right Attorney

An attorney with plenty of experience in handling slip and fall injury cases will work on behalf of a business needing to protect itself against a false claim. Taking a look at a website like Website URL can help. An attorney with a known positive reputation and success in this field is a must.

When there is a need to find a slip and fall lawyer in Queens County, NY, call Business Name to set up a consultation appointment. More information about services provided and to retain contact information, browse Website URL.

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