Receiving Care While Staying at a Residential Senior Facility

When the time comes to talk to a family member about receiving senior care, there are a few things to expect. Make a decision as to whether the person will stay in a residential care home or if in-home care will be provided. If the person lives alone and there are few family members who are able to provide care that might be needed, then a facility for residential senior care in Decatur, GA, could be the best option to consider.


Staying in a residential home means that your family member will usually have a private room that can be decorated to make it feel like home. Keep in mind that all of the furniture the person has won’t fit in the room, so try to choose things that have the most meaning. Three meals a day are provided as well as snacks. You can also take snacks for the person to keep in the room. The level of care received will depend on the needs that the person has, such as bathing, dressing, assistance with eating, and mobility. Residential facilities providing senior care in Decatur, GA, provide security while still offering activities to enjoy. Nursing staff will work to determine the level of care needed so that the proper accommodations can be made while in the facility.


Since residents in this type of environment are of the same age group, it can be easier for your family member to make friends. There will always be someone to talk to whether it’s another resident or one of the workers. Activities like games, crafts, and music keep residents busy and allow them to meet new people. Transportation is provided to appointments, and there are usually outings scheduled for those who are able to get out of the facility and go shopping or exploring in the community.

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