Ways to Help People With Dementia in San Antonio, TX

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Retirement

As we get older, the memory starts to go a little bit. It can be a bit alarming at first. Luckily, people in senior care in San Antonio, TX, can keep family members safe. They can also help spark the memory. Here are 3 ways to help people with dementia in San Antonio, TX.

1. Do Not Correct Them

Many people correct a dementia patient when they make a mistake about a person’s name. This will only remind them of their condition and make them feel bad. In some situations, they might get defensive and angry. When someone uses the wrong name, simply let it slide. They probably know they could have made a mistake.

2. Label Pictures and Announce Names

If you want to really help them learn the names of the people in their life, help them. Put little labels on the pictures in their room. When someone comes to visit, help by announcing. If the dementia is truly bad, you should even announce yourself when you come over.

3. Stimulate Mentally

If you want someone’s memory to get better, you need to get their brain working. There are a number of ways to do this. First, you can play different games. Games like Words With Friends and fun as well as interactive. There are also plenty of games they can get on their tablet that they can play by themselves.

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