Offering Routine and Emergency Air Conditioner Service

by | Aug 13, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

With the hot and humid weather in Florida, you must have an air conditioner in your home that works correctly. If your home’s air conditioner isn’t functioning, then you need to call a professional to help with your HVAC repair in Jacksonville. Our company offers emergency services in addition to routine scheduled appointments to work on residential air conditioners. Our technicians arrive promptly for appointments or emergencies, and they are able to use diagnostic equipment to determine what is wrong with an air conditioner.

We Provide a Written Estimate

There are numerous things that can go wrong with an air conditioner, including broken fans or dirty condenser coils. When you need an HVAC repair in Jacksonville, our technicians will check each of the air conditioner’s components to determine what is broken in order to fix the part or to replace it with a new part. In many cases, our technicians will have the part that is required on our company’s service van, but we can also find parts at local warehouses. To help you make an informed decision about an air conditioner repair, we always provide a written estimate that includes the cost of the parts and the labor.

Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-up Twice a Year

Our technicians will also clean the air conditioner along with changing its filter to help the equipment to perform optimally. When you call for an HVAC repair in Jacksonville, our technicians will walk through your home to make sure that cool air is flowing from the venting systems. This will ensure that there are no blockages in your home’s ductwork that could lead to having poisonous gas inside the building. It is a good idea to schedule an air conditioner tune-up every six months in Florida because this climate-control equipment is often used year-round.

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