Reasons To Select Overhead Bridge Cranes

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Cranes & Hoists

Top running bridge cranes, which may also be called overhead top running cranes, are used in many different applications, industries and facilities all around the world. These cranes are the workhorses in most industries, able to lift loads and transport them along the system with safety, efficiency and speed.

There are several reasons why overhead bridge cranes are so popular. Understanding the benefit of their design and their performance features are essential when considering a replacement crane or when installing a new crane system into a building.

Maximizing Headroom

Most industrial and commercial manufacturing buildings and facilities are built to be functional and practical, not necessarily to support a lot of additional equipment. This often means lower ceilings.

With overhead bridge cranes, there is a maximum retention of existing headroom. The crane itself runs over the top of the bridge and runway, if installed, leaving more headroom. An underhung crane limits headroom in these same spaces since the crane is under the runway or bridge.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

As the crane itself is not suspended by the runway or bridge, there is less risk of damage to the components as well as easier access to the system for routine maintenance.

While it will still need to be checked and maintained, the process is much simpler and can be done in less time. With these systems, the need to replace parts is typically very minimal, particularly when they are manufactured by one of the top crane companies. Using the crane correctly and not overloading the system will be the biggest issue to limit wear and tear on any type of crane, but the design of the top running crane tends to be extremely durable in any environment.

Greater Speed

While the operational speed of any type of crane will be a factor of the space, the type of load and the environmental conditions around the crane it is possible to move the load faster on overhead bridge cranes.

These double girder cranes can move loads of almost any size at up to 200 feet per minute. They utilize remote operator controls that allow the operator to be positioned away from the load while still maintaining full control of all movement, including starting and stopping.

Typically, the single girder top running cranes are used for lighter loads, lower mounting options and for manual operation, which does mean that the speed on these cranes will be determined by the operator’s movement.

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