Hoist Monorail Benefits Include Safety and Increased Productivity

A hoist monorail is an invaluable lifting device that is used as an alternative to traditional conveyors and cranes. Often, within manufacturing and industrial environments, there is limited space to move products and materials. A monorail hoist is the perfect solution for moving products within a limited area, as opposed throughout an entire building. Hoists can be built within a building’s structure, or they can be built as part of a ceiling or column. They can also be installed using separate supports.

Easy Lifting with a Hoist Monorail
The hoist makes it easy to lift materials onto shelves, or to move them from one location to the next. The design of monorail systems can be extremely flexible as well. Their design often depends on the application in question. Basically, a steel beam is constructed that runs parallel to the floor. Its design supports a cart or metal trolley of sorts.

The trolley is either positioned above or below the steel beam, which is determined by the operation, ceiling height, or lifting capacity required. The hoist, attached to the trolley, gains support through a steel cable. The trolley travels back and forth over the length of the steel beam delivering its load to a desired location.

Hoist Monorail Setups
Some monorails are built to run back and forth in a straight line while others are constructed with curves, elevation chances, and the ability to transfer loads from hoist to hoist. Complex hoist systems typically serve as alternatives to traditional conveyor belts. They can be the perfect solution for moving large or oversized products.

Hoist Operating Systems
Hoists, depending on the operation, offer several types of operating mechanisms. Many operate by an electric motor. Others rely on hydraulic or pneumatic systems to facilitate heavy loads. There are also basic systems that can operate by sliding the trolley from one end of the monorail to the next by hand.

Hoist Monorails Provide Flexibility
Many operations immediately realize how flexible the monorail system can be. They can be utilized for any product line, and are perfect for working in tight or limited spaces. Unlike conveyor belts or forklifts, the monorail frees up floor space.

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