Applications for a Harrington Chain Hoist

The Harrington chain hoist is ideal for lifting or lowering a load, whether it be with a drum or a life-wheel which the rope or chain wraps around. The Harrington chain hoist is adaptable for different jobs. Available in manual or lever chain, wire rope hoists, ergonomic hoists, and others. These hoists are expertly designed with cutting edge technology and superior workmanship. They are able to handle the rigors of day in, day out use that you and your work team depend on.

The Harrington chain hoist can hold a large amount of weight, with some designs able to hold up to a 100-ton load. They are made to be easy to maintain and repairable, as well as durable and long lasting.

Reliable And Strong Constructed Hoists

Constructed out of all steel, a Harrington chain hoist is strong and hefty. As well as being strong they are lightweight and simple to use and install. They are also made to have a limited number of parts to simplify maintenance. The slip clutch helps to prevent lifting damage caused by loads beyond capacity.

The Mini Hand Chain Hoist is constructed out of aluminum. Harrington chain hoists are easy to transport and compatible with different rigs such as trolley/hoist combinations. The hoist comes with low headroom design to minimize space used, and so they can be used anywhere. They offer smooth operation with minimum effort.

There are many options available when it comes to your chain hoist. Should you have any questions about which is right Harrington chain hoist for you or simply need to get your hands on one, reach out to a vendor with the right knowledge and experience.

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