Reasons to Seek Help from a Disability Attorney in Olympia, WA

Whether the disability is the result of a major health issue or some type of accident, the fact is that life cannot go on the same way as before. Many people find they can no longer work and make a living for themselves and their loved ones. At this juncture, the need to apply for disability benefits becomes obvious. Here are some reasons it pays to consult a disability attorney in Olympia, WA early on.

Intimidated by the Paperwork

Quite a bit of paperwork is needed to seek disability benefits. Along with the basic forms, there is the need to provide information supporting the claim. People who tend to feel overwhelmed by paperwork under the best of circumstances will certainly be in no position to deal with the process without some help. A disability attorney in Olympia, WA can guide the client through the process, ask questions that make it easier to provide complete answers and, in general, take a lot of the fear out of completing the required papers.

Dealing with Rejection

It’s not unusual for people to be rejected the first time they file for disability benefits. Typically, the issue is due to some small omission that was noticed when the claim was evaluated. Take the documentation back to the attorney and go over it carefully. In many instances, all that is really necessary is the addition of more details to one or more of the answers. As a bonus, the attorney can take a close look at the remainder of the claim and determine if it would be a good idea to add more data to some of the other answers.

Seeking a Review

If the claim is rejected a second time, the attorney can request a formal review before a board. The client does not necessarily have to be present for the hearing. Instead, the attorney will be there to present the client’s case. In the best case scenario, the review board will evaluate the documentation, listen to what the attorney has to say, and choose to approve the disability benefits. There’s even a chance of having the benefits made retroactive to the date of the original claim.

Don’t face filing for disability alone. Visit us today and consult with an attorney. Doing so could mean receiving benefits sooner rather than later.

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