The Electromagnet Coil: What are Coil Winding Machines

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

The word coil stands for a succession of loops and the process of making an electromagnet coil is termed as coil winding. Such a coil is used in components like relays, resistors, chokes, inductors, solenoids, transformers, rotor and stator in electric motors or generators. Many types of equipment need coil winding to be done in different designs shapes and patterns. Such machines range from hand operated winding machines to automatic machines, which are generally very expensive. There exists a range of machinery including gear, hydraulic, bench-top coil winders, and multi-spindle stand-alone winder machines, which provide the necessary winding over the component or device.

Functions of Coil Winding Machines

There are a few machines, which have an ongoing multi-tasking control. They can bolster numerous axes for winding, tape-wrapping, changing wire sizes and a controlled vertical and level wire ending. Today many coil-winding machines are completely computerized and meet all the winding and finishing requirements. This industry has recently grown over the last 40 years. Today there are numerous organizations around the world, which offer such arrangements having high levels of endurance, continuance, force, and execution. Any winding machine can be pronounced by its roughness, dependability, and simplicity of support.

Manufacturing Companies

Many manufacturing companies make medium to large coil winding machines to meet their customer’s needs. These companies make machines for capacitors, choke coils; degauss coils, flat strip coils, lattice coils, perfect layer coils, large transformer coils, relay coils, resistor coils, rotor coils, spiral coils, stator coils, transformer coils, TV coils, and many other types of coils. Many companies also make these winding machines very well equipped to handle a variety of coil and wire winding applications. These companies will also provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed purchase decision.

Partnering with the Right Online Distributor

The best method to succeed and have great service is to find the right partner. If you are looking for a service partner in to purchase a coil-winding machine or electromagnet coil and other types of coil, there many distributors and manufacturers that can provide the services you need. These online companies have the experience and knowledge to help you find exactly what you need.

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