Radio Media Advertising Is a Powerful Voice

by | May 11, 2015 | Business

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes have an overwhelming selection of methods they can use to advertise their products and services to potential customers. Deciding what ways are best to reach their target can take a lot of time and tests to get everything just right.

Hit Your Target

Even though you probably listen to the radio every day, one marketing media you are overlooking is radio media advertising. Radio media is really everywhere around us. It’s in the car when we commute to work, drive the kids to school and do extracurricular activities. Road trips without a radio wouldn’t be worth taking! In step with the times, radio has evolved to become more than just your favorite FM radio station. Modern radio media advertising opportunities abound in several verticals that people rely on for opinions, news and entertainment. These verticals include podcasts, satellite radio and online streaming services that attract millions of listeners and feature famous hosts such as Howard Stern, Sean Hannity, Dr. Drew Pinky, Alex Jones, Adam Corolla, Dr. Laura and Bubba the Love Sponge, just to name a few. Radio advertising spots give marketers the opportunity to tap into the loyal listeners of these programs and hit a home run by speaking directly to the consumer that best fits their consumer profile.

Interactivity Attracts Clients

Today’s radio media is no longer just about the host talking through the entire program. Avid and casual listeners are welcome – and invited – to interact with the radio show hosts by calling in with questions, opinions and feedback. This type of revolutionary interaction between hosts and listeners was unheard of when AM and FM radio ruled the airwaves exclusively. This interactivity helps build relationships and builds trust with the listener. Products and services recommended by these guys do not fall on deaf ears. When your business gets mentioned in their circle of fans and followers, the phone starts ringing! Radio gives advertisers access to numerous ad formats including remnant space, podcast advertising, direct response satellite ads, Sirius XM radio advertising, and national radio spots. Other radio ad opportunities include co-op advertising, per inquiry ads and hosting a promotion.

Diverse Formats with Unlimited Reach

The growth of radio has snowballed with the use of Internet radio. Technology such as USB ports in new cars has boosted the use of radio using mobile and smart phones through streaming services such as Pandora, Goom Radio and others. These platforms provide even more reach for businesses that want to grow their consumer base using the radio.

If you have not given any serious thoughts to the possibilities of radio ads, now is the time to reconsider your approach to advertising in today’s modern world.

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