Questions to Ask a Prospective Cleaning Service

If it seems like all you do is vacuum, dust, change bed sheets, and mop the floors – it might be time for a change. Housecleaning is a chose that has no end and can be overwhelming when we have other things going on in our days. A maid cleaning service can be a way to get back your time, while having a beautiful home to return to each evening.

Interview Services Before Choosing

Don’t choose the first cleaning company that you see an advertisement for. Instead, do your homework and research a few different companies. This will ensure that you get the quality you need at a price you can afford. Once you have a few companies to consider, call them up and ask for some references. After you have those references in hand, call them and get some details from past or present clients. You want to know who is going to be in your home doing your cleaning so feel free to do what you need to feel comfortable.

Determine Who Provides Supplies

When you choose a maid cleaning service, many of them will arrive at your home with supplies and tools needed to do the cleaning for you. This includes things like vacuums, brooms, and brushes. However, in other cases, you may need to provide your own supplies. Make sure of which situation applies. If the cleaning service does supply their own tools, let them know about any allergies those in your home have so they can avoid those items.

Note Areas to be Cleaned

If there are specific areas in your home that you want attention paid to, it can be an excellent idea to make a note of this. You might have a different need each time they visit and want extra attention spent there, so make sure they are aware of it. Of course, you should also make sure the cleaning company is open to these types of requests. Many will but some may not be able to accommodate these requests.

Discuss Charges Based on Residence Type

Where you live is going to have an effect on what your cleaning service charge. Keep that in mind. In addition, if you live in an apartment, they may need a key or other clearance to get inside. The same applies if you are residing in a gated community.

Great Cleaning in Hoboken

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