How Often Should You Have Your Office Cleaned?

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Cleaning

As a business owner, you already probably know the importance of having a cleaning company to keep your office space nice and tidy. But, how often does your office need cleaning? Well, that really depends on you. If you want to have someone clean every day, that’s your choice. But, most business owners base their cleaning needs on the size of their office.

If you have a small office with very little foot traffic, then you can probably get away with a weekly office cleaning schedule. You may even extend that up to once a month. However, bigger offices with more employees, may need daily cleaning. Here are some factors to consider when setting up a schedule with a cleaning company.


If not a lot of people use the bathroom, it may only need daily light cleaning to decrease the spread of germ. You can have deep bathroom cleaning done once a week. For bathrooms that get a lot of foot traffic, on the other hand, you will need to have them thoroughly cleaned every day.


For small offices with very few employees and visitors, you can have the floors cleaned once a week. Conversely, office spaces with heavier foot traffic need daily cleaning to remove the dirt, mud, and debris from the floor.

Kitchen area or Break room

Of course, a kitchen area that is rarely used won’t need much cleaning. But, if most of your employees make use of the break room or kitchen area regularly, then it also needs to be regularly cleaned. Waste bins that contain food scraps should get special attention, as they should be emptied daily.

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