Achieve the Best Killer Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Killer bees have taken up residence outside your house. What do you do? How do you protect your family and pets? Also known as the Africanized Bee, Killer Bees are now a part of life in North America. A hybrid of the African Honey Bee, this species spread quickly in the United States since they were introduced in 1985. Originally found in just the Southern and Southwest states, they have now been spotted creeping up the eastern seaboard as far north as the Chesapeake Bay. Any bee infestation in or around your home can be a cause for concern. However, Killer Bee Control in Pittsburgh can be accomplished by following some easy tips and knowing where to get help when needed.

Killer Bees are known for being aggressive, but their venom is no more potent than other kinds of bees. They just happen to be more persistent, chasing threats away from their nest over much longer distances. This, combined with their extreme intelligence can make them quite difficult to control. Unfortunately, common places for Killer Bees to build their nests can easily be found in any backyard. Piles of wood or tree branches, unused flower pots and large, empty containers are considered prime real estate. Limiting these items in your yard will give the bees less of a chance to develop a mature nest. Walking your property at least once a week to look for signs of bees can also help. If you do find bees swarming it’s time to call in the professionals. You shouldn’t attempt to remove them by yourself.

Once you have established that you need help, who should you call for Killer Bee Control in Pittsburgh? There are people and companies who specialize in the removal of any and all stinging insects which can be a great resource. A good place to start is The-Beeman. If you browse the website you can find good information on bees, as well as a beginning point in their removal from your property. By hiring one of these companies, you will ensure that the job is done right. The bees won’t return and you won’t be injured in the process. Killer bees can be scary, but help from an experienced bee specialist will keep you and your family safe.

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