Planning For Emergency Tree Work In Arlington

Damaging winds can cause tree limbs to break and pose a threat to an individual’s residence. Since limbs can be heavy, they can fall onto a rooftop and ruin roofing materials or they can be fall and injure anyone who is outdoors. The steps below will assist with assessing damage and having limbs removed from property.

Visually Inspect A Tree And Contact A Company

After winds have died down, a homeowner should head outdoors to inspect their property. If large trees are nearby, an individual should not walk underneath trees if damaged limbs are noticed.

Instead, a homeowner should head back in their house and call a company that completes emergency tree work in Arlington. An emergency crew will be dispatched to a residence and will assess damage to a tree.

Choose To Have Limbs Hauled Away Or Cut Into Smaller Pieces

Tree specialists will determine how much damage is present and will recommend that portions of a tree are removed. Crew members will attempt to salvage as much of a tree as possible. After limbs have been removed, they will be loaded onto a vehicle and hauled away.

If a homeowner would like to add wood chips to a garden or flowerbed, they can request that limbs remain on their property and can use a wood chipper to grind limbs into smaller pieces. Wood chips can be spread around the base of plants, shrubs or trees and will prevent weeds from growing on property.

Keep Trees Pruned

It is important to keep branches pruned so that they are not at risk of falling onto a home or power lines. A tree company can be contacted to assist with this task or a homeowner can attempt to prune trees on their own if they have pruning tools at their disposal. Pruning shears, a ladder, garden gloves and a rake are some basic tools that can be used while trimming branches.

Trees should be pruned during dormant months and the same amount should be trimmed from each branch. Pruning trees will promote growth and will provide trees with a symmetrical appearance.

Additional information about Emergency Tree Work in Arlington can be acquired by choosing to contact us. Tree specialists offer services that will benefit the health of trees and that will improve the appearance of residential or commercial property.

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