Putting Safety First with Accurate Locators

The safety and integrity of your construction project depend on how well you identify risks that could be buried under the ground. Utility companies like the local gas and cable providers often bury their cables and pipes under the ground when running services to people’s homes. While some companies mark where they buried their lines, others leave no indication that these utilities are just beneath your feet.

When you want to avoid digging or cutting into gas, cable, and other utility lines, you need to find out where they are buried. Along with calling your local 511 number, you can use a pipe and cable locator to find out where these lines are buried and where you should avoid digging.

When you purchase a pipe and cable locator, you expect this device to work accurately each time. You do not want to risk the outcome of your project on an indicator that makes errors and gives skewed information. You need it to tell you precisely where the lines are buried so you know where to dig and from what areas to stay away.

You can find high-quality indicators that perform as expected each time you use them. They give you a clear reading on what is beneath the ground where you plan on digging and building. The information can be just as accurate as calling your local 511 utility line.

As reliable as these indicators are, you also want them to be portable and easy to use out in the field. Few things can bog down your project like using a heavy locator that is a burden to lug around with you. The models for sale online are compact and lightweight. They can be easily put in your utility belt or toolbox without adding too much weight to slow you down.

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