Why Using Underground Utility Markers Is Beneficial

Present day utilities bury their pipelines, cables and other similar systems. They transmit or distribute everything from natural gas to fiber optics. They run underground on both private and public properties creating a subterranean maze beneath the surface. Finding and separating the diverse labyrinth can be very difficult. This is one reason why many utility companies turn to underground utility markers.

Why Underground Utility Marking Is Beneficial

Whether you are a utility company or a construction site manager, it is imperative to know what is underground before you dig. Underground utility markers provide guidance in locating diverse underground devices. As a result, this ensures:

  • The safety of workers on site. Knowing where the lines are, can mean the difference between a worker going home at the end of the day and a family visit to the hospital or morgue
  • The protection of those who rely on the services the different lines provide
  • The integrity of the property
  • Prevention of undue costs and issues resulting from complications created when a line is cut or service is interrupted
  • Possible averting of an environmental catastrophe, e.g. the cutting of a gas or hazardous waste line
  • Reduction of time spent searching sometimes futilely for specific utility lines
  • Correct identification of the different types of subterranean lines
  • Workers waste less time and labor locating the right place to excavate. This, in turn, results in financial savings

These are all benefits from utility companies using utility markers to clearly indicate the presence and location of underground utilities.

Underground Utility Markers

When any project requires the excavation of earth, it is imperative to know specifically where the various underground utility lines are located. They need to have labels that clearly and accurately indicate contents and location. By using underground utility markers, a company can ensure the safety of workers and the integrity of their lines.

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