Brief Guide on Lash Extensions

If you’ve always wanted to have lush lashes but want something that lasts much longer than the fake ones available at groceries and shops, then getting lash extensions in Philadelphia may the right solution for you. Check out the following list for a bit of a guide.

Research your options
Don’t go to the first clinic you find that offers those extensions. Do your homework. Check out which clinics and places have an excellent reputation. That’s a good place to start.

Shouldn’t damage your lashes
If you’re worried that getting lash extensions in Philadelphia will destroy your natural ones, don’t be. If the procedure is done properly by an expert, then you won’t have to fret about the results.

Get there early
Don’t waste time. Get to the clinic early. Arriving late for your appointment may back up the schedule for everyone else or you may need to reschedule at a later date. Avoid the inconvenience by simply arriving in advance or on time for your appointment.

Know that they won’t last forever
The good thing about these extensions is that they last for quite a long time, provided that they’ve been hand-glued to your natural lashes with care and expertise. But they’re not going to last you forever, just for about six to eight weeks. Then they’ll fall off, the way that natural ones do, the Cosmopolitan explains.

They’re customizable
You can explore a variety of curls, diameters and lengths to get the lashes that will look perfect on you. For the most popular one, though, you may want to try the cat eye. There’s a reason people go for it most of the time.

Maintenance shouldn’t scare you
Get a fill every two to about three weeks. And remember to be careful with them. Limiting your contact with the lashes should help them last as well.

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