Protect Your Gulf Coast Home With Expert Roof Repair in Hitchcock TX

The roof of your home is one of its most crucial features and this is especially true when you live in Hitchcock or the Galveston area. Texas weather is notorious for its sudden changes, but weather around the gulf can be even worse. Sudden storms can really wreck a home and the roof often takes the brunt of the damage. When your roof begins to show signs of stress, the first thing to do is contact an expert in Roof Repair Hitchcock TX. Eliminating the problem before it becomes huge is the best way to protect the investment you have made in your home.

The roof is a series of materials designed to protect the interior of the home. First are the rafters and joists that make up the frame. Next comes the decking which holds the roofing material in place. After this is the roofing felt and the final layer of shingles. When the roof fails the problem may be a simple as damaged shingles or torn felt. Roof Repair Hitchcock TX can remedy these problems by replacing the damaged material. Fixing rotten decking is a bit harder. It generally requires that the shingles be removed so the decking can be replaced.

Other areas of which may require Roof Repair Hitchcock TX are the attic vents and flashing. These are metal pieces that are covered by part of the roof. Flashing is used when two areas are joined together. Flashing and vents can be sealed with tar or other adhesives. However, these products can dry over time and eventually crack. This type of damage could allow water to leak under the roofing. The eaves of the house can also have problems. Storms can pull the roofing away from the edges and allow water to seep into the roof.

No matter how much maintenance and Roof Repair Hitchcock TX your home has the roof will eventually need to be replaced. You have several options for roof coverings. The most common is asphalt shingles. This product has an expected life of fifteen to twenty five years, depending on the quality of the shingles. The next alternative is galvanized steel roofing. Stamped steel lasts for fifty years or more, although, you may require the zinc-aluminum galvanizing for salty areas. Another man made product is fiber cement roofing tiles. This product is also very durable with expected lifetimes of thirty years or more.


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