Preparing For Data Analytics Training In New York

As a potential candidate for our data analytics training in New York, you probably have a lot of questions about what you can expect. To help to understand the application process and the course, the faculty and support staff at RSquare Edge have put together some answers to the most common questions we hear.

Our program does adapt based on the use of new technologies. However, we are not a technology or computer science program. Instead, technology, including SAS and other software options are the tools we use to provide the data analytics that businesses need to make effective and informed decisions.

It is important to realize that our data analytics training at RSquare Edge is a comprehensive and intensive 12-week program. We will provide students with information related to computer software and programs along with business skills and statistical knowledge relevant to big data.


The RSquare Edge application process for our CDAP program is more involved than with some programs where you just apply and pay your fees. We require that all of our potential students complete an online application and a current resume.

We will review your resume and application, and at the same time you will complete a specially designed aptitude test. This allows us to form cohort training groups that offer students the greatest opportunities while ensuring everyone has the basics require to complete the program.

Finally, we will complete an in-person interview. As we are located in New York, we do allow telephone interviews for those out of town applicants.

The Course

The CDAP (Certified Data Analytics Practitioner) is a 12-week intensive course as we have mentioned above. Participants in the program are expected to attend each weekday from ten in the morning to four thirty in the afternoon. You will have the weekends to yourself, which is a great way for those not from the city spend some time sightseeing or even spend weekends at home.

At our data analytics training, you will find that the days go very quickly. Our instructors provide a great mix of theory and practical application and the class discussions, case studies and projects are a great way to interact with peers. You will also have guest lectures from top businesses in the area, and we will help you with your career opportunities by providing career guidance, networking events, and guest speakers to help to know just what companies are looking for once you graduate.

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