Practical Tips for Healing From Your Breast Implant Cosmetic Surgery

Breast implant surgery can give you the cosmetic results that you want relatively quickly. However, you have to remember that it is an invasive procedure that requires you to spend several weeks recovering at home. When you want to heal safely and completely from breast implants in Chicago, you may want to keep these practical tips in mind.

Learn to Change Out Your Drainage Tubes and Bandages

Before you are sent home to heal from your breast implants in Chicago, you will be shown how to change out your drainage tubes and bandages yourself. The idea of changing them out may not especially appeal to you. However, it is necessary in order to prevent infection.

Your nurse may advise you to drain and clean the tubes every day. The tubes are necessary to drain away excess fluid and blood. If they are not emptied at least once a day, they could become clogged, and excess fluids could back up into your body where the implants are located.

Your bandages also will need to be changed every day or at least twice a day during the first few days at home. Your incisions may bleed a little during the first day or two at home. The bloody bandages will need to be changed in order to keep infections at bay.

Walk at Least Once a Day

You also will be encouraged to walk at least once a day. Walking prevents blood clots from forming in your chest and legs. As much as you might be in pain at first, you should at least walk across the living room floor or down the driveway or sidewalk to get your blood flowing.

When you need more information about the surgery, do your research online. Contact the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute today.

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