The VNG Test Is the New Standard For Dizziness and Balance Problems

For people experiencing problems with dizziness or balance, doctors once relied on the ENG test (electronystagmography) to look for malfunctions with the inner ear and/or central motor system.

In recent years, medical science has developed a superior test called (videonystagmography). It is considered the new standard because it is more accurate and produces a more consistent diagnostic result by measuring eye movements directly using infrared cameras. The older ENG test measures the mastoid muscles of the eyes with electrodes.

Identifying the Problem

At the heart of dizziness and balance problems may be a relatively rare condition called canal dehiscence syndrome. This is caused by a hole or extreme thinning in a certain bone in the ear that enables your body to maintain balance.

Furthermore, the VNG in Orlando is one of the only tests that can tell the difference between a one-ear (unilateral) problem and a problem that is occurring in both ears (bilateral).

What You Can Expect

A VNG test is not painful and is actually more comfortable than the ENG. Your doctor will fit you with a pair of goggles that will show you a series of targets for your eyes to follow. Highly sensitive infrared cameras will make precise measurements about muscle movements in your eyes.

The doctor or technician may also put your head in different positions and use air or water to change the temperature slightly in your ear canal. The only strange thing you may or may not feel is some slight jerky movements in your eyes from time to time.

Finding a Provider

If you’re looking for a VNG in Orlando, an internet search will produce names and locations of local providers near you. Make sure you ask about the VNG specifically. When searching for a VNG in Orlando, look for experience and the length of time a clinic has been in practice. Also consider getting a recommendation from another patient.

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