How Does Non-Surgical Fat Removal Work?

Non-surgical fat removal or reduction uses specialized equipment that basically causes a controlled injury to very small volumes of fat. There are two basic approaches to non-surgical fat removal; ultrasound and cold energy.

People that are finding it difficult to get rid of the last vestiges of fat that will not go away through dieting or exercise and those that wish to contour their body are ideal candidates for the procedure.

For the best non-surgical fat removal in Naperville many patients turn to Venus Freeze™. This process uses a pulsed electro-magnetic field that stimulates the generation of new collagen and is very effective for tightening the abdomen, reducing cellulite and stretch marks as well as tightening skin in the area of the neck and jowls.

How does it work?

The technician uses a hand held device that heats the surface of the skin through the introduction of radio wave energy. The tissues that are being treated contract while at the same time pulsed electro-magnetic energy stimulates new collagen.

As the skin temperature increases the body releases stress hormones, they pass through the bloodstream and attach themselves to fat cells. Once the stress home is attached to the fat cell it activates a specific enzyme which in turn breaks down triglycerides and converts it to free fatty acid. The fatty acids are eliminated from the body through the blood which results in a reduction in the volume of fat in the body.

The treatment:

Treatment using the best non-invasive fat removal in Naperville is often compared to the experience of having a hot-stone massage. The area to be treated is covered with a gel, this helps the applicator to glide smoothly over the skin; there is no sensation at all. After about 30 minutes or so the treatment is over, the slight pinkness in the area dissipates quickly. Usually it takes six treatments to see the full results. Contact Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery for more information.

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