Piering Concrete Foundation Repair in Rockville

A homeowner that discovers issues with the concrete slab foundation that supports their home can easily be worked into a panic. There aren’t a lot of things that are as bad as the potential structural nightmare that foundation problems can lead to. Fortunately, with professional Concrete Foundation Repair in Rockville, a compromised slab foundation can be repaired so that it will offer many years of proper support for the home.

A common method for repairing a compromised slab foundation is slab jacking. This is where a concrete or grout mixture is strategically pumped underneath the foundation to help it float back into a level position. While this is the easiest method, it still is something that needs to be done by a professional concrete repair service. However, for more involved and more substantial repairs, piering may be required.

There are a few different types of approaches to piering repairs. However, it is a rather labor intensive and pricey repair. Regardless of the approach to piering, a fair amount of excavation will need to be done around the home to expose the slab foundation.

One piering method is known as a push pier. This is basically a large metal rod that is driven deep into the ground and attached to the exterior of the foundation. It also has a small support plate that goes underneath the foundation to give it ample support.

Next are helical piers. These are screw-like plates that are attached to a steel shaft and are driven deep into the ground. A support plate, like on a push pier, is attached and goes underneath the slab foundation in order to offer more stability. This type of pier can be placed around the exterior as well as strategical points in and around the center of the foundation as well.

Lastly are bell piers. This type of support is driven through the foundation and it is a large steel shaft with a bell-like feature on the bottom. Once the piers are in place, they are filled with concrete and this offers an entirely new support structure for the foundation.

As you can see, the options for Concrete Foundation Repair in Rockville are significant. That’s why it’s important to speak with an expert at Website Domain. They can come to your home, assess the foundation, and determine which type of foundation repair will be necessary.

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