Options for Dentures in Oyster Bay NY

As people age, the bones in their mouths might deteriorate, making it difficult for the teeth to remain in place. This can cause the teeth to shift and eventually fall out. This is more common for people who already have some missing teeth that were restored without implants. Because having teeth is so important to a healthy lifestyle, it’s essential for older people who have missing teeth to talk to a dentist about their options.

Traditional Dentures

When a person gets traditional Dentures in Oyster Bay NY, they get one or both bridges that can be removed daily. These new teeth must be affixed with denture adhesive in order to stay in place. Nearly everyone remembers being horrified by seeing one of their grandparent’s teeth slip out during a family dinner. Although traditional dentures are the most affordable option, they are not the only option for someone who needs to replace their teeth today.

Implant Supported Dentures

With the help of four implants, a person with dentures can be sure their teeth will stay in their mouth until the patient is ready to remove and clean them. The implants support the dentures and keep them from slipping. Implants are becoming more and more affordable as the technology improves and more oral surgeons are performing the procedure. With these types of Dentures in Oyster Bay NY, people who no longer have their natural teeth can live a normal life, eating all the foods they used to enjoy without worrying about their false teeth getting in the way.

The first step to getting the ideal set of dentures is to set up an appointment with Locust Valley Dental Group. An experienced dentist can recommend dentures that will fit a patient’s lifestyle and their budget. Some people will be able to use traditional dentures with no problems, while other, more active seniors, might get frustrated with them and not use them at all. Having the option of implant-supported dentures gives older people a choice and allows them to live their lives more fully. To learn more about the new options for dentures, visit  today.

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