Troubleshooting And Air Conditioner Repair In Fountain, CO

In Colorado, contractors troubleshoot common issues when performing air conditioner repairs. Common conditions often indicate more than one problem. By examining all related factors, contractors identify the exact problem. A local contractor offers troubleshooting and air conditioner repair in Fountain CO.

When the Condenser Won’t Run

First, the contractor assesses the power flowing to the condenser. Fuses and tripped breakers shut off power to the condenser completely. The thermostat setting, a faulty compressor, and a faulty motor are other causes for the failure.

Inadequate Cooling Inside the Property

The contractor adjusts the thermostat by five degrees initially and determines if the setting is the issue. Inadequate cooling is also caused by dirty evaporators and units that are too small for the property. A contractor assesses the evaporator and cleans it when necessary. If the unit is too small, it is replaced.

What to Do When the Unit Won’t Cool at All

First, the evaporator and the condenser are cleaned. The condenser is evaluated for a blockage. The contractor uses gauges to identify refrigerant levels and charge the unit if needed. The compressor is replaced if it is faulty.

Condenser Engages Continuously

The contractor performs seasonal cleaning of the condenser and evaporator. The issue also indicates a possible blockage in or around the condenser. The component is replaced if the steps don’t fix the issue.

How are Cleaning Requirements Completed?

The unit is opened with a screwdriver. The plenum insulation is removed. Next, the access panel is opened. The contractor uses a wire brush and bleach to clean the evaporator. The tray underneath the evaporator is also cleaned.

For the condenser, the contractor cleans debris from around it first. Grass and shrubbery grow up around it and cause blockages. The contractor trimmed the grass and shrubs just around the unit. The contractor uses industrial coil cleaner and a soft brush to clean the condenser. The cleaner cuts through stubborn debris quickly.

In Colorado, contractors follow careful strategies when diagnosing air conditioner problems. Troubleshooting tactics make it easier to find the exact source of the issue. Contractors use the tactics to rule out related conditions that mimic common problems. The tactics eliminate unnecessary repairs. Homeowners who need to schedule Air Conditioner Repair in Fountain CO, contact us right now.

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