OEM Pressure Sensors for Measuring Liquid and Gas Pressures

Pressure sensors work on the principal that liquids and gases can be measured with a quantifiable signal. OEM pressure sensors are vital to the proper functioning of any larger system. Thus, it’s critical that they meet exact specifications. Often, manufacturers or suppliers can customize these sensors to meet the required specifications.

The Need for Accuracy
Reliability and accuracy are some of the most important factors when considering OEM pressure sensors. They have the ability to identify where leaks in a system occur, and whether an operation system is functioning properly. Entire systems are in danger when these sensors fail to do their job. This is why it is so critical for companies to purchase sensors that are completely reliable and field tested. Verify the accuracy of the sensors before making a purchase.

Options for Customizing Sensors
With proper customizing, a client’s sensor can be calibrated to monitor any pressure range, starting at .008 psid. Its design has a dual purpose: to measure pressures (high and low), and to detect leaks. Required pressure ranges, operating temperatures, color, lead wire and ports are all taken into consideration. Each situation is unique, and requires a special calibration. This is why working with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) makes perfect sense.

Markets Served
Pressure sensors can be found hard at work in such areas as oil field testing, chemical analysis for precision viscometer, aviation flight testing, automotive engine test cells, university research laboratory use, and medical and aesthesia delivery.

What the Industry Experts Have to Say
Industry experts all advise the companies make the effort to find the right company that can supply pressure sensors. These devices are critical to any industrial system functioning properly. As such, they must be matched to a system and installed correctly for correct pressure readings.

Function, price, and application are all key elements in choosing the right sensor. Companies know their business better than anyone else. They also know how critical it is to purchase from a reputable equipment manufacturer that stands by its products. The company supplying OEM pressure sensors should also have an excellent reputation that can be easily verified.

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