3 Reasons to Shop for Estate Jewelry in Salem

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Jewelry

Jewelry can take any outfit and advance it to a whole new level. By accessorizing with everything from earrings to bracelets, a simple dress can be transformed into a dressy compilation, perfect for a night out on the town. Jewelry can be found just about anywhere, but many women have started to set their sights on Estate Jewelry in Salem. Instead of choosing something off the shelves of a large store, they find fun and interest in pieces that have previously been owned.

Unique Styles

Looking at today’s current style of jewelry, it’s tough to find a unique piece. Many of the earrings and necklaces follow a modern trend that everyone is wearing. Estate Jewelry in Salem offers something completely different. An estate broach added to a dress is going to be unique and interesting. There is a good chance that no one else will be wearing anything like it. This means that jewelry becomes more than just an accessory. It can become something that people want to talk about and learn more about. It can be a conversation starter.

Vintage and Antique Allure

Vintage style is something that has continued to increase in popularity over the past several years. Despite more people looking for vintage items, it doesn’t mean that everyone has the same thing. The term vintage covers so many decades that everyone can be wearing vintage jewelry and no one be wearing the same piece or style. For some, estate jewelry can also mean finding antique jewelry. These pieces are even more rare and bring a completely new look to an outfit.

Monetary Value

For some, estate jewelry isn’t about the colors, the stones, or even the style. Shopping for estate jewelry can also result in pieces with monetary value. While they are few and far between, some women enjoy the hunt. Even while shopping for something of value, it helps that the jewelry is interesting and can still be worn today.

Much like estate jewelry, custom jewelry also offers lots of different benefits. Unique style abound and it’s easy to stand out from the crowd. Check out Olufson Designs for unique pieces that could one day hold a lot of value for shoppers looking for vintage pieces.

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