Doing Routine Maintenance On Air Compressors In PA

If a business uses an air compressor regularly, the employees utilizing it will want to perform routine maintenance steps to ensure it works properly when needed. Routine maintenance on air Compressors in PA does not take a lot of time and can prevent unfortunate downtime or unnecessary repair work. Here are some steps to take to maintain an air compressor.

The air compressor should be kept free from all types of debris, so there is no chance of dirt getting into the internal mechanisms. If it is used in an area where dirt or sawdust is prevalent, it should be wiped down daily to help keep material from contaminating the filter or internal components. Unplug the compressor and wipe it down with a commercial-grade cleanser made for electronics. Use a toothbrush to scrub areas where debris is caked on the exterior of the unit. Wipe down with a piece of microfiber cloth and allow to dry completely before plugging back in.

It is important to check the air filter in an air compressor at least once every week. As dirt becomes embedded in the filter, it will clog the air flow to the machine, making the output less as a result. Take out the air filter and visually inspect it for dark portions. Tap it over a garbage can to remove loose dirt before putting back into place. A vacuum cleaner attachment can be used to remove excess dirt as well. Replace the filter if the dirt does not disappear after tapping or vacuuming.

Tighten the screws and bolts on an air compressor to keep it from allowing air to get inside gaps. Tend to any air leaks promptly so the machine will continue to give the proper air flow when needed. The belt should be routinely checked and tightened if necessary.

When anyone wishes to have maintenance service done on Air Compressors in PA, or if a new unit needs to be purchased, a call to a company dealing with air Compressors in PA would be best. Click Here to contact with Air Center Inc. They will have more information about compressors and the proper way to maintain them.

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